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What can I do for you ?

Cultural training

A single word or trivial gesture in our own culture can be interpreted as a lack of respect in another country. Thanks to the training in Chinese, Switzerland or French culture, you will have all the tools to become successfully integrated during your stay.



I will assist you with all of your integration measures to allow your expatriation to be a new and motivating experience without the worry of administrative constraints which can often become a source of concern

Introduction to language

I offer introductory courses in order to understand the basics of the Chinese language which can be useful upon arrival.

Pleased to meet you


Passionate about languages and literature, it was only natural for me to turn to these fields when pursuing my higher education studies. Rather than choosing between one or the other, I embraced both disciplines, as they are complementary and provide a better understanding of the cultures involved. For me, cultures are inseparable from their associated languages, because I’ve come to realise that the way a language works and its mechanisms are often the basis on which that a culture is shaped. One of the most telling examples of this is the rigour of the German language, and the rigid reputation of our German friends, but of course these are generalities, which help to better understand the first phase of learning.

Odilia Mbala Mbala


The ability to communicate in one language is more than enough most of the time, because the most important thing is to be able to make your point and to be understood.

But when it comes to mastering the language and its inherent nuances, when you’re looking for precision and a faithful transcription of an idea or a message, there’s nothing better than calling in a professional. He or she will take care of faithfully transcribing your ideas, and your intentions will be transcribed according to the codes and standards of the person you are speaking to.

So feel free to let us know what you’re looking for, so that we can meet your expectations in the best possible way.

We work in these language pairs

English to French

French to English

Spanish into French

Mandarin into French


Passionnée depuis longtemps par les langues et les cultures qui en découlent, j’ai envie, aujourd’hui, de vous faire découvrir les richesses de cette notion à laquelle nous sommes de plus en plus confrontés, où que l’on soit.

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